Catholicism In An Ecumenical World

Catholic Perspectives in World Religions

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    Welcome to the site of the course Catholicism In An Ecumenical World. As we are able to access more of the world with our fingertips, we can also take a look at the cultural aspects of a lot of different peoples. Culture here in America is one thing, but in most places, culture overwhelmingly means one thing: religion.

    We shall explore the deeper beliefs and practices of a number of religions and look at them from their own lenses as well as our own. This site is meant to be somewhat interactive as well, full of resources, exchange, and conversation.

    If you have questions, thoughts, or comments, email me at either of the following addresses:
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About the Instructor

I figured I would share a few things about myself that some of you may or may not already know. I am a DeMatha graduate – Class of 2000, the last of the last millennium. I am married, and do not have any children, but I do have a cat named Butterscotch.

I went to college at Wheeling Jesuit University in Wheeling, West Virginia, where I graduated in 2004 with a B.A. (Bachelor of Arts) in Theology. I returned to DeMatha in the fall of 2004 and am now beginning my fifth year here.

My ‘hobbies’ (they could be called obsessesions) are my sports teams: the Philadelphia Phillies and Eagles. If you didn’t know this, just look around the classroom! From April 1 to October 1, my nights (and some afternoons) revolve around watching the Phillies on TV. I also enjoy reading, music, bowling, and spending time with my family.

My favorite television show is M*A*S*H (I own all 11 seasons on DVD plus the extra features set) and my favorite movie is The Godfather, although the rest of my movie and television collection is rather extensive.

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